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August 15, 2014
What is the 100-Hour Club?  A FREE contest that runs from September 1 - December 31 to keep your exercise program consistent! How does it work? Establish a baseline in... more
August 08, 2014
Join us for a mini-triathlon - Just for kids! Event Date: Friday, September 12 Time: 4:00 pm ages 6-7:       25 meter swim, 1-lap bike, 1-lap run ages 8-9:... more
August 08, 2014
Parents, do you need a few hours to yourselves? Leave the kids with us and we will entertain them while you go out! School Bugging You Yet! Date: Friday, September 19 Time: 5:30... more
June 18, 2014
NEXT SESSION! This is a structured swim practice designed to prepare kids (if interested) for swim meets. It will include stroke production and swim etiquette with a positive team... more
August 27, 2013

Let everyone know how much you love Montecito Heights. Order your club apparel... more